The Christmas Angel campaign shall live on…

It has become quiet around the cinema.
Not only here on the blog, but also on the social networks.
On the blog, as you know, this has been going on for quite some time. I’ve already told you the reasons for this and unfortunately not much has changed until today…

There is no time, no desire, no passion. Not the passion for books or reading, but the words to bring this passion to the blog.
I enjoy it and admittedly almost had to learn again to just read a book. Without pen and paper beside it to write down important things for the review. Without catching myself thinking about to play in the Casino en Ligne or to find the right wording while reading. Many “old” bloggers will know what I mean…
But I just don’t want to take the step of closing the cinema yet. So I leave it open to me whether and when I will write something or not. Besides, the ACTION CHRISTMAS ANGEL needs the cinema… but also E U C H !!!!!


I have also withdrawn from Facebook. Here too I simply lack the time and the desire. But that is not the only reason. It’s just become too stupid for me. Yes, I know, people often say everything was better in the past… But for me it was.

If I look at my timeline today, I feel like I’m only seeing the same advertised post 50 times, bloggers who think they’re the navel of the world, hate, agitation and so on.
Things I just don’t feel like dealing with anymore.
One blog tour chases the other and only followers and attention count.
I just don’t want to take part anymore.
But of course they still exist for me. My heart bloggers, my heart authors and posts that are really worth reading.
Maybe it was just too many disappointments I experienced in the last blogger years. Maybe there were just too many bloggers who, once they had reached their goal, suddenly no longer knew who their friends were.

Be that as it may, I have drawn my consequences and I am living with them quite well at the moment.

This year I won’t be going to any book fair either.
No, Frankfurt will not see me this year either. Last year, I was already absent for health reasons and this year, Cinema will not be there either.
I cancelled my already booked hotel and so the decision is made. Surely I will go there again sometime, if only to see the book people who are still very important to me. But definitely not in 2018. Maybe there will be one or the other reading or event to meet some of you still this year… we will see.

Another reason why the Cinema still exists is of course, as mentioned above, the Christmas Angel campaign.
You know how much I like this action and how important I think it is.

Some years ago I started it very small and every year it became bigger, more exhausting and impossible to handle it alone. In the past few years Beate and Sandra have actively helped me and supported me with a lot of power. For this I would like to thank them once again from the bottom of my heart. I appreciate what you have done for me and the action.
Last year Sandra already withdrew unofficially and supported us in writing letters to the publishers and authors, but was unable to help during the auctions for professional reasons. For 2018 she has withdrawn completely.
Beate has also informed me that she will unfortunately not be able to work for the Christmas Angel campaign and will also not be available in 2018.

Since January I have been thinking about whether and how it will continue and to be honest I still don’t know exactly. But it is a fact, that the “Aktion Weihnachtsengel” has already existed before Sandra and Beate in the cinema and I will do everything to make sure that it will continue to exist.

But I can’t do it alone, that’s for sure.
I am currently thinking about changes how I can optimize and simplify the processes, but I am not quite sure yet.
The action will definitely become smaller, that much is clear. We simply cannot auction 450 items any more, the time required is too great. I am thinking of 200-250 items, whereby we will of course try to make it 200-250 “firecrackers”.

But without help we can’t cope with that either.
I just can’t manage to write to all authors and publishers, to store the books, to prepare the auctions, to monitor the course of the auctions, to filter the highest bidders, to write to them, to control the receipt of payment, to release the articles for shipping and then to ship them and, besides, to take care that all your requests are answered, to clarify questions about the shipping or the whereabouts of the articles and to post the daily highest bids together with advertising.
You see, it is really a lot …
The problem is, we do it all on the side. Have jobs, families, hobbies.

Nevertheless I am officially looking for new “Christmas angels” who will support me and the campaign.

But please think it over carefully if you want to help because it doesn’t help me if I end up alone and have to take over your tasks.
What exactly do you have to do?

Different from the “helper angels” which I will need this year, I am looking for 2 bloggers who will take over the whole preparation with me and keep things running during the auctions…

That means:
From about July on, publishers and authors have to be contacted in order to collect the articles that we can auction.
A post has to be prepared by presenting the articles.
The daily auctions must be prepared. (Here I am currently still considering whether it is possible to do this differently than by using a form).
With the beginning of the auctions the highest bidders must be determined and written to.
The payments and the release will still be done by me, because the money receipts will be done by my accounts.
And last but not least, the items in your stock have to be shipped.

Yes, it sounds a lot, I would be lying if I said it is not much.
Nevertheless it is feasible if you can rely on each other and the work is well distributed. Not everyone has to do everything, but what they do has to be 100%.
Just think about what and how you can / want to help.

I am open to all suggestions, ideas and tips that will allow me to keep the action going.
So if YOU want to help please send me a mail to [email protected]
At best you have good contacts to different publishers and authors, but above all you have to be reliable and have time. These are sometimes exhausting weeks, but I assure you that the work is worth it when you see at the end how many children were made happy.

In the next few days I would then open an Action Christmas Angel Task Force Group on Facebook, where we can exchange ideas and gather ideas on how we can simplify and optimize the work and find out who could do which tasks best.

I hope I will find 2-3 energetic helpers.
If you have any questions send me a mail as well.
Maybe we can work it out together.

Until then best regards